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Grape Guide
We have started filling our grape guide with Italian grapes, our friends at are helping us. Only Italy grows more than 1000 grapes and I will take us some time before we can list all of them and then move to the next country, so please be patient For each grape you will find information on where the grape is grown, its history and characteristics and pairing suggestions and for each grape you will also find wines from different suppliers made with the grape. At the bottom of the page you will also see a comment form and please feel free to get in touch if you think we have forgotten something.
  • We started as a grape guide but then, thanks to your comments and feedbacks, we decided to add a wine library
  • With regard to Italian wines, the first thing to say is the wine classifications
  • Wine are classified into DOCG, DOC, IGT and table wine. DOCG ......, DOC....., IGT....... and table wine........
Best Grape& Wines
Ever wonder how wine is made? Or why some bottles of wine are more expensive than others? Here's some information for you to better understand wine and what makes its cost
Cheap vs. Expensive
Grape and wine
So why are some wines cheap, and others are more expensive? Cheap wines are stock-picked from the vineyards and processed by machinery. The grapes are often damaged or require large amounts of pesticides to help keep rot and decay at bay. Many preservatives are added, lowering sanitation standards and decreasing production costs. When you purchase a cheap bottle of wine, you are paying for pesticides, preservatives, and low quality grapes.